The Melbourne Fair 2017 – Art Deco, Vintage, Antique + More

Melbourne Fair 5

Melbourne Fair 5The Melbourne Fair 2017 has a focus on showcasing goods highlighted as Antique, 20th Century, Art Deco and Vintage from some 59 dealers on show November 23 – 26 at the historical Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne, where parking is free.

You can arrive by car, tram, bus and train and once you have purchased your ticket to enter at a modest price, you can keep going back over the ensuing days.

Melbourne Fair 1Design history and the decorative arts have proved to be an important and powerful expression of culture, especially when considered in the context of historical events and social change.

In this day and age of waste a’ plenty it makes very good sense to recycle well-made and beautifully designed objects that can give years of wear way beyond their first owners.

Antiques AThe Melbourne Fair 2017 is a selling exhibition, enabling you to take something home that catches your eye to either wear with style or to brighten your living experience every single day.

Melbourne Fair 9You can purchase an engagement ring, a breakfront bookcase, a dining suite for special celebrations, a fabulous necklace from a Hollywood Costume designer from the 1950s, a poster or print or everything for your home from repurposed furniture, to lighting and accessories including bronzes, porcelain and glass.

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Watch our Video… What is an Antique?

It’s interesting to see Art Deco the major historical ‘design and decorative arts’ period of the twentieth century taking centre stage and exuding both optimism and ingenuity.

Art Deco ConsoleThe name reflects the sumptuous French design styles from c1910 onward, which survived World War One intact.

Its preferred colours were either neutral and subdued or, bountiful, bright and bold. The style itself was so cleverly conceived and stayed so true to its original intent, it adapted well to continued change.

Deco Console TableArt Deco was based on lines clean-cut and pure and proportions that paid homage to human habitation. It manifested itself emotionally with zest and playfulness and goods were mass produced, sleek, streamlined items and available to an ever-expanding bourgeoisie.

It culminated in the 1925 Parisian ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes’, of which art deco is a 1960’s contraction and was all about celebrating living in the modern world.

Melbourne Fair 4Purists would demand the glamorous goods labelled Art Deco should have been made during the 20s and 30s and the last gasp of deco delights, which emerged after WW II, clearly defined 40s and 50s.

Want to know more. Watch our Video… What is Art Deco

Melbourne Fair 6Vintage seems to apply to costume from the 20s onward. Each item in the fair has been individually selected by its exhibitor. Fashionistas, will thrill to see an exhibition showcasing decades of vintage evening gowns from the 1920s onward. This was the time when the fashion industry started to burgeon as hemlines rose and women threw off their many petticoats, bobbed their hair and embraced their newly found independence. Fair organisers will present parades over the weekend, showcasing evening dresses and ballgowns from all eras plus film of catwalk parades highlighting the House of Dior during the 1950s.

Melbourne Fair 7Garments, handbags and stunning jewellery to choose from, will also come from such renowned houses as Chanel and Ceil Chapman (Marilyn Monroe’s favourite designer) and available in every price range.

Deco Spotted LadyYou are invited to wear your own Vintage dresses, hats and shoes, long string pearls or polka dot dresses and skirts to join into this year’s Best Dressed Competition at The Melbourne Fair.

Judges are all looking for the most authentic outfit, brought stylishly together from head to toe in any decade of vintage wear.

The prize will be a $500 gift voucher awarded on both Saturday and Sunday although it must be spent with any of the fair exhibitors and the judges are looking for ‘stunning outfits’.

So dress up and embrace the social ideal ‘The Art that is Life’ at The Melbourne Fair.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2017

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