The Reading Hour – 6PM, August 16 – Reading A Book with Kids

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Cute babies boy and girl in a chair readingDo you love 2 read… help a child to gain the same satisfaction and enjoyment – 6pm August 16 is The Reading Hour for 2016.

Children are the future of our culture and words are how the world works. All adults need to help them to know how to use them well to say what they want to say and when they need to say it. Otherwise many opportunities will pass them by.

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The Reading Hour in Australia is one day every year when older children, teenagers, young adults, mature age adults and oldies can make a pledge to give an hour of their time and to read a book to a child, or with a child, and help to make a difference in their lives.

To have a way with words, an ability to craft them to communicate with those around you both professionally and personally is so necessary for everyday life.

Nationally and internationally education opportunities for all children depend on literacy, and The Reading Hour helps focus attention on a growing challenge we all face.

Language and literacy go hand in hand and children associate books with happiness and a feeling of safety and security.

Family Relax Happiness Holiday Cheerful ConceptWithout literacy they cannot develop their knowledge, fulfill their dreams, or grow their ability to participate fully in society.

For all children, and most especially for foster children in particular, reading aloud once a day aids and assists their literacy. It is at the heart of any child’s basic education.

Progress needs a beginning, one that only realism can engender and perhaps for you this year The Reading Hour may provide an opportunity for you to help a child.

Kids,-at-the-forefront-of-changeAs at 2014 statistics provided by government departments said there were some 43,009 children in and out of home care Australia wide, a considerable jump on 26,000 Australia wide in 2008.

Many of these experience ‘multiple placement changes’.

Therefore the togetherness aspect of The Reading Hour cannot be underestimated.

Reading aloud aids well-being and self esteem. This happens through the warmth and care of loving siblings and adults. When you read to a child you help build their vocabulary, their language and their memory.

Teaming that knowledge with imagination, helps children of all ages as they go on a journey of discovery about the world around them, and the possibilities it offers for their future.

Kids on BeachA child’s interest in the natural and built environment, including its attitude toward animals, plants, the ocean, the planets, the arts, our cities is crucial if they are to have a happy life.

Everything the world has on offer and their knowledge of it is established through the discoveries they can make during a reading session whether it’s in a book, on a tablet or on a computer.

Teacher Reading AloudThe advantage a book still has, is proven when it is in the hands of someone who cares and wants to share a love of knowledge with a child.

Who has not bonded with a particular book read in a time and place, one that affects their view of the world. Mine was the Diary of Anne Frank, read when I was 12 years of age, and in reflection, I would venture to say it changed my pathway to the future I would have.

Kids-from-NarniaTales of Narnia; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and its sequels have won many a heart and sent children on a creative pathway in their adult life.

This is only but a few reasons why The Reading Hour is an important project an initiative.

Reading 3Take up the challenge!

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016



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