The Simple Joys of Maidenhood – Rhiannon Hart & The Umm-Ahhs

Rhiannon Hart & The Umm-Ahhs are about to infiltrate your world with their catchy blend of pop. Favourites at this years Woodford Folk Festival they have been winning hearts everywhere.

They have just announced the release of their debut album The Simple Joys of Maidenhood to be launched on 16th April @ Beetle Bar, Roma Street Brisbane City.

Rhiannon Hart is a fine example of the terrific musical talent that abounds in Brisbane. Must be something about the warm climate and community spirit that produces many of this countries top musicians and performers.

She is a cucumber-cool songstress, who brings the culmination of over twelve years recording and touring in a number of accomplished Queensland independent acts to the fore. She has had an adventurous career fronting rock bands, an eight piece funk-jam act, time as a cool electro house chanteuse, as well as a stint as guest feature presenter on Triple J Breakfast.

The Umm-Ahh’s are a talented five piece band who help Rhiannon present her own whimsical folk-pop material. Together Rhiannon Hart & The Umm-Ahh’s are a tour de force to be reckoned with.The guys are all totally awesome in their own right…

Gerard Mapstone – acoustic & electric guitar, uke, guitar swap extraordinaire  Greg Stewart – electric & double bass, inappropriate gyrations
Dion Read – keys and vocals, wise guy
Alex Fidel – drums, Bon Jovi tom fills

The Simple Joys of Maidenhood is set to be a collection, which speaks as much from the street as it does from the heart, with Rhiannon bringing an eclectic brand of irony, a sense of adventure to well crafted melodies.

Rhiannon Hart roams the delicate landscapes of relationships and self -preservation. Her honest, different and often hilarious lyrics are matched by handsome vocals providing a live show that is always special. Her motley assortment of songs is an odyssey of mish mash adventures, misfortunes and crazy love stories. Her eclectic and devoted style is matched by The Umm-Ahhs, combining individual loves of pop, funk, jazz, and flamenco to provide music for all sorts of merrymaking.

Rhiannon has provided us with a link to the YouTube video for ‘Peace’, the groups latest single. She said “I was talking to Katie Noonan today at Women In Music and apparently she saw the single of Peace on Rage and said she loves it!”.

The Album has been recorded by the loving Neil Coombe of The White Room Recording Studio
What: Launch – Album – The Simple Joys of Maidenhood – Rhiannon Hart & The Umm-Ahh’s
Where:  Beetle Bar, Roma Street, Brisbane
When:  16th April, 2011

Contact: Email: [email protected] or SMS 0411 354 144

Be at the launch, or if you can’t send Rhiannon a message of support
Carolyn McDowall, March 2011

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