Think Pink – This Seasons & This Month’s Hottest Hue

One of my favourite scenes from the 1957 movie “Funny Face” is the fictional editor of “Quality Magazine” Maggie Prescott played by Kay Thompson, telling us to “Think Pink”!

Her character was loosely based on fashion doyenne Diana Vreeland, who was famously quoted saying ” pink is the navy blue of India”.

Is pink the new navy, or even the new black? There is a strong case argument for this because the world of fashion is suddenly looking very bright.

Before jetting off to Italy, I had a major itch to acquire a hot pink t-shirt or dress. What got into my psyche that this was a must have hue? Was I trying to shrug off the dark shadows of the winter months or was it more?

I didn’t care, I was on a mission.

Luckily in Rome I found the perfect shade in the shape of a singlet top, and for the moment, I am satisfied. Next on the list is the perfect dress!

Pink, in all it’s shades is one of THE most flattering colours in the spectrum. I think any guy or gal can find a shade of pink that suits their individual complexion and style.

Try having your next passport or drivers license photo taken while wearing pink. I guarantee you will look fresher and healthier!

And gentlemen, ladies love a man in pink! This classic colour throws a rosy warmth onto the face that’s instantly flattering to the majority of the masses.

With shades that range from the softest baby blush to the stunning Schiaparelli shocking pink, it makes us feel alive.

Pink transports us to exotic locations, it evokes memories, bunches of pink peonies (my favourites), new born babies, ballet shoes, a first lipstick in a sweet shade of rose.

It is joyful and happy, rosy cheeked children filled with laughter and life, pink makes people smile. It makes a statement, but unlike red, it is non threatening. It’s says “I’m here, sassy and fresh”.

Remember the “Pink Ladies” in the 1977 movie “Grease”, strutting around in their strawberry milkshake shade of bomber jackets? Tough but sweet!

This season Dior has done a divine silk and pleated tulle dress in the most fabulous shade, and used a palette that ranged from old rose and blush, to a deep wine.

Ralph Lauren sent a stunning sheath in cerise down the runway and Schiaparelli’s Pink dress topped with its fantastic appliqué bolero is definitely for all those who want to drape themselves decorously on a four fold screen.

Parisian jewellers Boucheron were inspired by the decadence of Art Deco and produced the magnificent “Mosaique Delilah” tassel neckpiece.

Set onto gold mesh as soft as a finely made scarf, it contains morganite stones, diamonds and pink sapphires. Imagine this worn with a midnight blue backless gown, tassels decorating the back, truly spectacular!

Armani used hot pink in entire looks, and also in neon details. Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten of label DSquared2 chose bubblegum with a ’60’s silhouette.

Pink also has another meaning for a lot of people. It is the colour of breast cancer.

In the month of October, the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) asks us to think pink. They are holding a Strength to Strength National Conference on the 25th and 26th October, bringing health professionals, researchers and women with breast cancer together in one location to debate key issues.

Whether you buy a pink ribbon or one of the many other products available, you will be supporting a very worthwhile cause.

I will sport my Ralph Lauren Pink Pony t-shirt with pride, paint my toenails pink and maybe add a few pink highlights to my hair as I have done in previous years.

One in nine women and a small percentage of men will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime. It is heartbreaking, but early detection is the key, and survival rates get higher every year.

Show your support this October and THINK PINK! On Monday October 22nd, wear your favourite shade of pink, even if it’s just a ribbon. You never know, that stranger that smiles at you as you pass by, might have been touched by breast cancer. You could brighten their day without even knowing.

That’s the best support ever!

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor The Culture Concept Circle 2012

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