Under The Christmas Tree – A Gift For Everyone by Jo Bayley

Here we are in December yet again.

It only seems like yesterday that I was wracking my brain for last year’s Christmas gift ideas.

Some years I am full of fabulous ideas and others I am left floundering.

Where to start?

I think the best thing to do is sit down and write a list.

I like to make groups in my lists, such as my family, my in-laws, and finally friends.

Keep this list with you while shopping as you never know when inspiration may strike.

A theme can be the perfect starting point, and joint presents make life easier.

I have done this for my parents this year, a sturdy Samsonite shell suitcase.

This is light and practical, and the 4 wheels make it super easy to manoeuvre.

What to buy for the tweenies?

Well, for a gorgeous 11 year old girl, I decided to go with a manicure theme.

At this age girls tend to be fashion conscious and start taking notice of their appearance.

A nail care kit with a mix of nail polishes is perfect.

It encourages good grooming and painting nails is always a fun activity to do with an older friend or Mum.

Tweenies love that!

For the boys, my handsome godson loves big baggy T-shirts and is quite picky these days, being nearly 13.

Cool and quirky is the order of the day and no one does it better than Graniph.

This unisex store collaborates with hip artists and designers for super cool graphics.

You will be on a winner here.

What about that 20 something hipster?

Why not try a food and wine walking tour?

I discovered Two Feet and a Heartbeat.

They run tours in Sydney and Perth.

The one I like the sound of is a 3 hour walking tour discovering Sydney’s emerging small bar scene.

Three bars are visited with drinks and nibbles provided.

This is a great way to meet new people and discover some new watering holes.

They also run historical walks through Kings Cross, Darlinghurst and Perth in Western Australia. Starting at $20, it’s a steal.

Magazine subscriptions are an excellent choice, and when they arrive every month, I feel like Christmas keeps on giving!

If you are buying for the more mature loved one, think practically. Does your Gran really want to end up with a drawer full of hand cream and soap?

One fabulous grand dame I know say if she can’t eat it, drink it, or smoke it she doesn’t want it!

Now I’m not about to buy her a box of Cuban cigars, but delicious preserves, gourmet hampers and her favourite wines, would be an excellent choice.

Remember quite a few elderly people are on a very tight budget.

When it comes to groceries, providing some luxurious goodies that maybe left out of the shopping trolley will be most welcome.

Susie Louden's Bay Tree in Queen Street at Woollahra

The Bay Tree in Sydney’s leafy Woollahra is a must for lovers of all things kitchen and dining.

Located on the divine Queen Street, it is filled with luscious linens, charming china and fabulous flat wear.

Always stylish, you can never go wrong at the BayTree.

For style and sophistication, make your way to the marvellous Macleay on Manning in Sydneys Potts Point.

Stockist of Missoni towels and candles, stunning silver and stainless steel, this boutique homewear store is the bomb.

Check out their Hepburnesque sun hats.

Audrey would have loved one!

And how can you go past the heavenly Valentino scarves, to die for!

Just around the corner on Macleay Street is another favourite, Becker Minty.

Beautiful Turkish cotton towels, sit next to totes made from sail material from yachts. While vintage nestles side by side with ultra modern pieces.

All working in perfect harmony.

Topping off with a succinct capsule collection of mens and womens wear, Becker Minty is tres chic.

You’ll find a gift for even the hardest to buy for fashionista here. I have to mention, they do amazing catering too, just as stylish as the store.

I hope this Christmas list brings you perfect suggestions for even THE hardest to buy for loved one!

Remember this holiday is really about sharing and being kind to one another, these two traits are the best gifts to give.

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2013

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