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Beware: Spoilers below

“Chuck, if you ever want to save the world again, you know where I am” said General Beckman to Chuck, Sarah and Colonel Casey as she said farewell to her favourite spy crew. Vale Chuck. After five series CHUCK (2007 – 2012) that masterful spy born courtesy of the Intersect, reports our American correspondent, has finally met his end. Charged with high emotion and reflection Chuck Bartowski (aka Zachary Levi) and Sarah Walker/Bartowski (Yvonne Strahovski) his fabulous spy wife (pictured left) are left sitting on a beach. She is still without her happy memories of their awe inspiring life together, which she lost in the second last episode. As the camera pans away they share a final kiss, one which he hopes will bring them back and help them both together begin a whole new chapter of their lives. The final episode was an end, that was all about a new beginning. Masterful.

We have all invested a great deal in the happiness of this TV couple, because their love for each other has been so valiantly and courageously won. This was integral to the show’s huge success, which was not really about ratings, but how important it is to reach out and connect with your audience. All of us have lives that are in many ways ordinary, and fantasize about being rescued from its humdrum aspects by a knight on a white horse, or about being a spy and saving the world, or even a space traveller on a mission to save the planet, even the Universe. Chuck was all our fantasies in one ‘awesome’ package. The fans, which run into millions of people for this one of our favourite TV shows of all time, would have found the way it was brought to an end completely satisfying. There were some wonderful flashbacks and many amazing and iconic moments in the final heart-warming episode. Especially the last 25 minutes, which was truly so fabulous it caused us all to fall in love with Chuck Bartowski all over again.

An action comedy spy drama CHUCK has won millions of hearts since it was first cleverly created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. With the aid of all the secrets of the American government downloaded into his brain by a program designed by his father Steve Bartowski (Scott Bakula), who was murdered after seven episodes Then there was Chuck’s college friend Bryce Larkin (Matt Bomer), who died as he tried to protect his friend. Along the way Chuck has fought off numerous enemies of the USA, helped to bring master criminals to justice and all without compromising his values, his integrity as a person or ever shooting a gun. His pacifist stance was one of the reasons the lovely high kicking spy Sarah fell in love with him in the first place.

Ellie and Captain Awesome

Chuck and his Dad on Ellie's Wedding Day

The final two episodes ran back to back. They featured Chuck’s Mum Mary (Linda Hamilton) his gorgeous sister Ellie Bartowski (Sarah Lancaster) and her husband, the devilishly handsome Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb (Ryan McPartlin) and their baby Clara, as well as friend to all Col. John Casey (Adam Baldwin) and his daughter Alex McHugh (Mekenna Melvin).

Then there was their CIA handler General Diane Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) and the King of the Buy More where they all worked or hung out, Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) with one last large Subway sandwich in his hand. Chuck’s fellow Geek Nerd Herder and his best friend Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez) was as usual at Chuck’s side, and as always, had his back. They were all being followed by the fabulous creepy Buy More dysfunctional salesmen Lester Patel (Vik Sahay) and Jeff Barnes (Scott Krinsky), who finally cottoned on to what had been going on down in the basement of the Buy More for so long.

Their completely awesome final performance as the much loved very bad covers band Jeffster was wonderfully staged, as they kept the music going to save the day. Bringing them on stage with a serious orchestra and have the usually sedate symphony crowd rocking to their music while Chuck tries to save General Beckman from being blown up by a pressure bomb in the audience was great stuff.

Adding Morgan into the mix to conduct them was also inspiring. They saved thousands of lives and Jeff’s playing and Lester’s singing was finally a musical triumph and they get carted off by a talent scout at the end to become ‘celebrities’.

Chuck’s success is, and was certainly about its fan base. When rumours of it not lasting for a third season rose up halfway through the second fabulous series, they gathered together globally to protest and ensured its renewal.

Hoorah - Chuck, getting the Intersect back

Visits of the cast to that famous Geek paradise, Comic Con also helped the show to grow a cult following, one that became like an extension of the Chuck Bartowski family.

This group of people stuck together through thick and thin. There was no thought ever that anyone was alone, and while they all worked to help each other they plugged right into our hearts.

It was clever of Fedak and Schwartz to play on the whole loss of Sarah’s memories to take us on one last wonderful trip down memory lane.  It is not often fans get to see a beloved show wrap up in a way they would like.

Shucks, we all knew it was only play acting, but Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski were so brilliant in their final scenes together, that we all just bought right back in. What a wonderful acting duo these two have been, they really owned this show.

In the final two episodes, most especially the last 30 minutes of the final they were just marvelous. Sure, all the rest were good to, but Chuck and Sarah proved at the end just why they were pivotal to the series and its much loved status. This meant that they were the right people for the job in the first place. Their casting was well informed and we wish them, and all their wonderful co stars to go well as they move on to new horizons.

Vale Chuck

We who love you will most surely miss our regular trips to California’s shopping heaven the Buy More, as well as going down underneath into ‘Castle’, the technically brilliant and radically equipped basement where so much has happened and, where fun, happiness and love always prevailed.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle 2012

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