Vale Steve Jobs

All men have need of the gods…said ancient Greek author Homer in the Odyssey. As American computer entrepreneur and inventor Steve Jobs traversed the road from Geek to God he became part of his own creation story. He was on the ground with the rise of the personal computer and revolutionized his chosen industry. He rocked the music and business worlds by introducing the iPod to listen to iTunes. He enhanced business by catalysing the smart phone revolution with iPhone. And, he created an entirely new category of product with the iPad. A great deal happened in between it is suffice to say. Jobs became over three decades completely self-effacing, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. His vision was always long term, which a lot of people find difficult to support. Good for him that he found multi millionaire Mike Markkula to provide funding for incorporating Apple. Steve Jobs has left a great legacy to the world.

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