Venus in Fur – Power Play Purring Along Perfectly in Brizzie

The Queensland Theatre Company (QTC) has grown its reputation for presenting excellence during the past decade and it pulled of a coup when it negotiated the rights for the premiere of the Broadway successful play Venus in Fur in Australia, which is now paying off in spades.

Their current hit production of this latest award winning piece from Broadway is based on an ‘infamously kinky’ classic erotic novel, written by Austrlan Leopold von Sacher-Masoch in 1870.

It is a ‘play within a play’ that calls for a ‘purring, confident dominatrix’ in the role of Vanda, the talented young actress auditioning for a lead role in a new play to be produced – Venus in Fur.  It is all about how playwright-director Thomas (Todd Macdonald) is looking for the right woman to play a mistress in his play carrying out auditions to find the perfect person.

All day long he has endured a preening parade of women who don’t work, that is until Vanda (Libby Munro) comes along. She fits the bill as the beautiful-sexy-articulate with a “particle of brain” type of woman that he wants.

Actress Libby Munro featuring as Vanda is certainly turning heads, a ‘tour de force’ according to The Courier Mail. Although that’s not because of the fur she’s wearing, but for her ability to convince us that she’s in control.

Critics agree that she brilliantly blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, seduction and power, love and sex all integral characteristics of this emotionally charged play, which explores the nature of men and women and how they connect with each other as they negotiate for, and rail against, their equality issues.

Set in the modern day and written by David Ives, the play premiered ‘off –Broadway’ as so many do in 2010 and then landed itself a place in a Broadway theatre first in 2011.

Its actress won a Tony Award for her performance, which its been suggested has been written to satisfy and define the author’s own ‘masochistic’ desires.

Vanda prowls the stage like a panther in heat, in a game of power play with Thomas, who is frazzled by her flaws but dazzled by her drive and passion, proving it’s a perfect play for two actors at the top of their game.

His intelligence in the end it seems is no match for Vanda’s ability to use her physical prowess to expose the sexist aspects of the original novel by von Sacher-Masoch and score the points she is wanting to make as she endeavours to read for the role of the demure heroine Thomas is looking for.

This is a story of, and for our times, engaging, sassy, sexy and clever.

The Queensland Theatre Company is enormously productive, performing or rehearsing seven shows at a time while it offers a range of workshops for children as well as working on national co-productions, with such as the Black Swan Theatre Company in Perth and devising new works with local artists.

Venus in Fur is only on until July 27th 2013, so if you want to catch this highly-charged new show you need to BOOK NOW!

Venus in Fur

22 June – 27 July
Cremorne Theatre, QPAC

Written by: David Ives

Director: Andrea Moor

Cast includes: Todd MacDonald, Libby Munro

Set Designer: Simone Romaniuk

Lighting Designer: David Walters

Composer: Guy Webster


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