Vivid Sydney 2019 – More than a Dazzling Expo of Light

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Vivid Sydney 1Vivid Sydney, on show May 24 – June 15, 2019, is more than a dazzling expo of light, it is a festival forum providing a platform on which ‘art, technology and commerce can intersect’.

Over three weeks, there are over three hundred events, together with vibrant visual spectacles, designed to both dazzle and captivate an audience, who are busy contemplating how the relentlessly ever-expanding future of technology will impact on, and affect their lives.

Vivid Sydney 5“The 2019 Vivid Ideas program is dedicated to exchanging ideas and fresh thinking by getting the experts to tackle the big issues such as mental health and well-being with creativity,” Curator Vivid Ideas, Tory Loudon said. “We want audiences to get involved and be inspired to think beyond the status quo and find new and meaningful ways of living in this ever increasing digitalized online world.”

Storytelling is front and centre, with a focus on how you can become active in helping to connect, collaborate or otherwise help to create the future, today.

Vivid Sydney 4A combination of theory and practice, the subject matters are not only diverse, but also ambitious in their presentation of a program of ideas, talks, workshops and seminars, which everyone is invited to attend.

Creative thinkers are high on the agenda, with many people sharing their invaluable insights into the world of game-changing career focused individuals, who are shaping business today.

Vivid Sydney 7While there is an underlying focus on positive stories, then as there always is when we face the light, a dark side to consider as well… one which has the power to destroy dreams by stopping them dead in their tracks. The Dark Web.

Four themes will help you hone your preferences Programs | Ideas | Light | Music. All the events proposed will take place in a variety of Sydney city precincts, including Barangaroo, Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, Kings Cross, Martin Place, Taronga Zoo and The Rocks to name a few.

Vivid Sydney 2Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner or supper, being entertained by comedians, poets, rappers and authors, you can join into many free activities as well. There’s something for everyone, kids, teenagers, families, girls and guys can all become excited by spreading ‘awesome ideas’.

Want to become a filmmaker; learn how to create a ‘short documentary with impact’ on your mobile phone or discover my favourite, How Style Can Save the World.

Vivid Sydney 6The Citizens of the World program to be held at the City Recital Hall, as well as other how-to session workshops is offering to unlock essential skills for helping you to live a more creative, better informed and fulfilled life.

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Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2019

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