Vote Yes – Marriage Equality – Bringing Sense to the Debate

Marriage Equality
Steven and Mal

Steven Godbee and his life partner the late Mal Stewart

Hi, my name is Steven Godbee.

I’m cutting and pasting this, because it makes a lot of sense…

… and I know a good number of my Facebook friends and family don’t live amongst gay and lesbian people.

supporting-marriage-equality-898They are probably unaware of what the real point of this stupid bloody postal vote is (I’m sure we all agree $122 million would be far better spent on cancer research, funding regional hospitals, better child care subsidies etc etc).

My partner of 13 years died nearly one year ago, and in the wake of that devastating life event, the points an Equality Celebrant Randall Berger raises mean a lot of to me.

So here we go….


Marriage-certificateNobody seems to be putting the real arguments out there …

It’s a lot of talk about love and choice and fairness and human rights.

The Marriage Act doesn’t mention love or choice or fairness or human rights.

It doesn’t mention God or procreation.

It is completely secular.

It’s a simple document with rules and guidelines for completing a sworn and witnessed statutory declaration between two people, witnessed by two more and officiated by a Celebrant authorised by the Attorney-General.

It is about immediately being next of kin, joint property, benefits, inheritance …

That’s it.

For same sex couples, that is everything.

They won’t be thrown out of hospital rooms …

Have to fight with blood relatives for the house they have shared with their partner for years …

…have to fight over funerals arrangements …

Their children can’t be taken away.

THIS is what marriage is …

Equal protection under the law, protected by the Constitution.

It’s called Marriage because it’s under The Marriage Act.

This is why it is important for ALL Australians to have this protection.

99% of the NO arguments are complete distractions and have NOTHING to do with the Marriage Act!

We must distill the YES case down to its quintessence and put that forward.

It is that simple.

Marriage Equality

Randall Berger – Equality Celebrant

Steven Godbee, Sharing Contributor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2017

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