Waisted Life – It’s All About The Corset Style Belt says Jo


Waisted 1It’s a cinch, right?

Choosing the perfect accessories to finish of your look of the day.

Sometimes it only takes one piece to lift your look from drab to fab.

And the humble belt can do just that.

Black Belt 1I’m a huge fan of the belt, and have many in my wardrobe. I’m a true believer in the statement, if there’s belt loops, use them!

Simple pants, jeans, skirts and dresses can all shine with the right one.

So what are your choices, and what’s hot right now?

Corset Belt

Corset Style belt by Prada 2016

Well, I’m feeling the love for the corset style. this was big in the 1950’s, 1980’s and now in the new millennium.

Why today, just flicking through the pages of the August 2016 issue of Instyle Australia, I came across THE most divine example from Italian label Prada.

Made from wool in a muted stripe, it is perfection to me. I can see it over any colour dress and almost any shape too.

Fashion references come from all over the place, and most certainly from popular culture. So it’s no surprise that a medieval style is so on trend.


Maimie McCoy as Milady in The Musketeers

With hit television series Game Of Thrones, The Musketeers and Outlander all over our screens, it’s easy to gravitate towards this classic style.

Historically, the 19th century corset was derived from the 15th century bodice.

Usually worn under, but sometimes over a muslin shift, the corset was said to create the perfect female silhouette.

In the early 1900’s designer Paul Poiret claimed to have emancipated women from the social restraints of the garment. And I hazard a guess ladies everywhere let out a huge cheer!

Waisted LifeIn 1947 the “waspie” became popular to create the tiny waist of the “New Look”.

This was a smaller version of the corset.

Why, I remember in the early ’80’s shopping at an amazing boutique in Sydney called Black Vanity.

They always had the coolest clothes with a very London vibe.

Set BeltsI was lucky enough to receive an elastic zip belt from this store as a birthday gift from my “oh so trendy” aunt.

They were a most coveted item and I was in heaven!

I wish I still had it, I’d rock it now!

Waisted Life

Corset Style belt by Prada

In 1987 Vivienne Westwood channelled her pirate days in her New Romantic collection featuring push up corsets, which I just adore. Such a sexy look.

Fast forward to 2016 and they will be seen in a softer, less structured form.

I do love the romantic feminine form that it portrays.

And, thank goodness for choice.

These days corset belts are made from all types of mediums including leather, wool, cotton and elastic. Something for everyone.

So will you embrace the cinched in waist? I know I will!

Polka dots and red belt

Shake, rattle and roll…

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016

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