Waiting For The Sun – Round Out Your Holiday Wardrobe

“I can see you
Your brown skin shining in the sun,
You’ve got you hair combed back and
Your sunglasses on baby…”*

Don Henley and Mike Campbell evoke images of a summer of love and loss in the lyrics of their 1984 classic “Boys of Summer”.

Most of us have memories of beach holidays and the feeling of freedom that the outdoors gives us. There is nothing quite like a day at the beach.

The warmth of the sun offset by a cool ocean breeze, sea mist oscillating on your skin.

Plunging into the surf and riding the waves back into shore, the blissful exhaustion that comes from doing nothing much.

Sea salt hair and skin are the perfect accessories, but what else do we need to round out the holiday wardrobe?

After last weeks look into swimwear and last years insight into eyewear, it got me thinking about what else to pack on a summer sojourn.

First item should be a fabulous wide brimmed hat.

I have wonderful Mimco hat that is able to be folded flat for packing, and the brim can readjusted to suit your needs.

A tip is to hold your hat up to the light, if you can see through it, it will not offer full coverage from the suns rays. This is so important,as this piece is all about protection first and style second.

Make sure the back of the neck and ears are covered too. Visors are handy too especially if you have very thick hair and find it hard to get a hat that fits.

A rashie is a must too, just like a t-shirt but made of uv resistant polyamide and elastane. These come in all sizes from babies to adults, long or short sleeved, and a great range of colours too.

Buy one that fits snuggly, so there is no drag when swimming, it should be like a second skin. Quick drying and light weight, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Next on the list is sunscreen. In Australia, on a overcast day it is possible to start burning after 15 minutes of exposure.

Slip, slop, slap is the message we have grown up with.

The cancer council has a wonderful range of products, including a cute little sunblock that can be attached to your key ring, right up to family size pump packs.

Always check the use by date on the packaging, as it does expire, and don’t forget to reapply as the day wears on. Zinc is fun for the kids and young at heart.

Available in different colours, hot pink and bright blue being my faves, for 100% protection.

A bright colourful beach towel is next. Make sure the size is right for you, the bigger the towel, the heavier it will be when it gains moisture. Beautiful linen towels are a great option.

When travelling, a sarong is always handy. Sarongs are the multi taskers of the travel wardrobe.

Not only do they serve as clothing, they are a fabulous substitute for a sheet, towel, picnic blanket or rigged up as a curtain for privacy.

The ultimate piece to pack wherever you go.

You’ll need a light weight beach bag to pop all your goodies in.

I like fabric as it is washable and can fold up flat in your luggage. Another good option is plastic coated so it can be wiped over and not go mouldy.

So now you have your kit, a little apre`solaire` attire is required.

For gals a cool kaftan is a great choice.

As relaxed as it may look, the kaftan can be tricky to pull off.

Being 5 foot 2, too long and too much fabric has shades of dress up box written all over it. Same as if you are tall, sometimes you can look like a drag queen, just saying!!

Try different lengths and don’t be afraid to add a belt to define the waist, this can change the look completely.

I like Suboo, Jets and Camilla. Oprah loved Camilla too, choosing to wear one of her colourful designs on her trip down under.

Guys, a light weight 100% cotton or linen shirt is a must.

White is super stylish, or try a colour that compliments your eyes, the girls love that!

Add cargo shorts or pants and a pair of leather slides and you are good to go!

For both guys and gals a little tip, mosquitoes love perfume, so in the summer months the scent of freshly shampooed hair and washed skin is perfect.

Oh and don’t forget to hand around the Aeroguard!

All set to go, enjoy your summer days and “don’t look back, never look back“*

Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2013

*Boys of Summer lyrics written by Don Henley and Mike Campbell





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