What is Culture & What is Democracy in Action?


What is culture and what is democracy in action?

Culture is created by each and everyone of us and defines who we are as a nation.

It embodies the values, traditions and beliefs we all share and is enriched by our interaction with people from other cultures around the world.

Today they are sharing their stories in many different ways so that we can all grow together.

So what is democracy in action, well its all about questioning those in authority and those of power and influence.

If we cease to hold them up to scrutiny we are failing in our role as ‘citizens’.

All issues whether of religious, political, moral or social concern need to be constantly held under question. So many have died to keep our culture and our democracy alive we need to honour their sacrifice and ensure that it does.

All cultures on earth are equally developed, according to their priorities and values. None should be considered better, more advanced, or less primitive than any other.

To be considered a successful culture we must include the practical things – how we meet and greet each other, conduct ourselves in regard and respect for those around us through the every day rituals we perform and, by displaying our manners and etiquette.

Each culture on earth needs to continue to promote the emergence of new ideas while encouraging the raising of positive voices to benefit marginalized sections of society.

Each and every one of us needs to re-evaluate what our priorities are in life.

We need to understand and know what it is that will cause us to be thankful for the world in which we live and work.

It will inform how we discover what will improve the quality of life for everyone, not just for a privileged few.

We simply cannot sail forward on a sea of enlightened energizing euphoria all the time but instead come to accept that while each interaction will have its rewards it will also encounter shared pitfalls.

It is the way of humankind and nature.

We need our contemporary world leaders to stop going around in a revolving door.

They need to come together and offer our growing global society new options, other ways and considered choices to assist it in transforming itself. If this is to happen what we need now is that all good men and women step up and participate.

Then it will truly be empowerment of, by and for the people. As citizens we will be keeping our country, its democratic freedoms and its culture both active and alive.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2013

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