Wooleen Experiment – Saving the Land, Environment & People

Davd & Frances Wooleen 6

David and Frances – courtesy Wooleen Station

In the Australian outback on Wooleen Station David Pollock and Frances Jones are a young couple with a visionary approach to investing in each other, the natural environment and the property’s future sustainability.

They are ‘nursing’ and nurturing the land, which had been decimated by over grazing and the breakdown of natural eco systems over the last 100 years.

They are putting in place one of the most ambitious land rehabilitation experiments in Australia.

The story became a feature for the ABC’s television program Australian Story.

This happened for the first time in 2012, and again in November, 2014 when the television team checked on their progress.

They wanted to see how David and Frances have been surmounting the challenges this quarter of a million acre cattle property was facing.

David & Frances Wooleen

David and Frances gauging the rain levels courtesy Wooleen Station

This is a story demonstrating how two Australians are holding hope and love high.

These two brave people are ‘playing a leading role in preserving and sustaining the unique ecology of the region.

David and Frances have been masterminding a ‘radical venture’ that will see them ‘return the rangelands to good health by de-stocking the property and replicating original natural ecosystems’.

The couple are currently battling a drought, and every little bit of rain helps.

In November they posted on the Wooleen Station facebook site that they had ‘15.4mmls in our gauge!

Enough for us to get our rain jackets out and celebrate’

Keeping the ‘wolf from the door’ is achieved by taking in paying guests offering guests a wonderful way to experience life in the Australian outback.

They are offering a true Aussie experience in a place that is at the centre of the ‘heart and soul of Australia’s’ country life.

Listed by the National Trust of Australia (W.A.), the five star heritage homestead is an oasis.

DAvid & Frances Wooleen 5

Fabulous Wooleen station homestead – courtesy Wooleen Station

It has a cellar of WA wines, wide colonial verandah’s, comfortable accommodation and its own swimming pool.

It is also nestled in an oasis of spectacular award-winning gardens.

Yewlands Pool: Eucalyptus reflection in the heritage listed Wooleen wetlands

Yewlands Pool: Eucalyptus reflection in the heritage listed Wooleen wetlands, courtesy Wooleen Station

There are many local nature based tours to enjoy.

The Lake and the Wetlands are home to a vast array of animal life. Wildflowers abound in Spring.

David & Frances Wooleen 2

Wetlands, regenerating beautifully, courtesy Wooleen Station

David and Frances are inviting people to Sign a Petition that will deliver the following message to the Western Australian Minister for Lands Terry Redman.

It says

Places like Wooleen Station are part of our unique outback heritage. After allowing deep damage to occur to the land over decades, your government now has a responsibility to actively support those that want to revive the landscape. I ask you to do this by establishing Stewardship Programs and protection agreements, and by changing outdated laws so that people can diversify securely into other 21st Century enterprises rather than just running stock.”

David & Frances Wooleen 3

Spectacular Rocky Outcrops to explore, courtesy Wooleen Station

Whatever you do at Wooleen Station you will be sure to enjoy a unique experience.

You can ‘climb a granite outcrop’, stay in house, enjoy culinary delights, camp out or take a guided tour.

To sign the petition, donate money to assist, or to find out about the attractions and activities, the accommodation and conservation please Click the Link – Visit Wooleen Station Website.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2014

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