World Aids Day Australia – December 1, Getting to Zero

hiv ribbon World Aids Day held around the world on December 1 annually, is all about raising awareness of the issues surrounding aids and encouraging all Australians to be aware of HIV Aids and how it is transmitted. It’s all about facts, not fear.

world-aids-dayThe aim is Getting to Zero – no new infections, an absence of Discrimination and no further aids related deaths. This means ensuring that all those living with HIV can contribute to community without stigma or discrimination.

Aids ImageIt is the same for Aids as it is for Ebola, early detection is essential and education is the key. Today learning is an ongoing activity that doesn’t end with school or university days. Continuing education is an ongoing responsibility for all adults in our community.

hiv ribbonAs a community and as individuals, we need to help others understand how the virus is transmitted and show our support for access testing and treatment so we can help others to have better health outcomes.

WAD_logo_14Wearing the Red Ribbon Aids awareness symbol is important, showing our solidarity and support for the 20 Australians diagnosed with HIV each week. There are events happening in ever state of Australia so consult the World Aids Day Australia Website.

Red Ribbon TreeThere is still a lot of fear-fuelled mis-information out there. One way of helping to change the attitudes of others is to encourage them to expand their knowledge factually, so that they can help contribute to also making a difference. Wear a Red Ribbon, the international symbol of HIV awareness and support, on World AIDS Day December 1 2014

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