X Factor 2013 – Dami,Taylor and Jai Crossing the Finish Line

And the winner is…

Dami Im, whose army of followers made sure they voted and pushed her first across the line, followed closely by Taylor and his family and mighty Jai and his marvelous Mum

The X Factor 2013 Live Decider has delivered up its grand final result after months of sensational performances.

Host Luke Jacobz, the very capable MC throughout the show, announced the winner after drawing out the result for what seemed like ages for everyone and changing the lives of the top trio forever.

It’s not really how you win or lose, but it is how you play the game graciously and with humility, which is perhaps the grand result of the X Factor Grand Final Live Decider held on Channel 7 on Sunday 27th and Monday 28th October 2013.

The three finalists, who had been chosen from thousands in auditions, had worked hard and strove towards crossing that finish line first for months, having competed to win the people’s votes aided by their rock star judges as mentors.

Rocking a good frock for the last few months the judges, the gorgeous girls Danni Minogue, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and the hot rocking fellas, the ever colourful Red Foo and the chic man in black Ronan Keating, have coaxed, coached, comforted, cajoled and straight talked their charges towards the final eliminations and on towards victory.

“How can we only have one winner? This is doing my head in!” said Nat during the final showdown.

This year people wanting this exceedingly talented trio to reach that first pinnacle, in a life that will forever be driven by hype, surrounded the three favourites Dami Im, Taylor Henderson and Jai Waetford as they battled it out for the people’s votes.

They all looked fantastic, the costume department, the make up gurus and the lighting people performed beyond well.

But it was Dami Im who was the last one standing in the spotlight and ‘laserlight’.

She looked amazing that’s for sure, her flawless grand final finish aided by Danni Minogue her mentor was a lesson in how good planning, solid coaching, hard work and having the voice in the first place, all helped to make it happen.

After she had been announced winner she had to compose herself quickly and sing yet again for her thousands of fans.

But hey, that’s the name of the game now, giving it all she’s got 100 percent of the time. Winning the Sony record contract will aid her to go forward and follow her dream.

The importance of the mentoring must never be underestimated. Having successful people on your side with such solid experience to guide and advise you in how to make choices in an industry, where life can seem surreal most of the time, is paramount to having a successful career.

An older and wiser head helps, especially one who has gone the hard yards themselves and stayed at the top of an industry in which many rise and fall.

What it means though is that those wanting to succeed must first and foremost learn how to listen.

It also depends on how well they are able to put their trust in the teams of people surrounding them, those who create costume, the make up and the lights, because they want and need them to succeed so they can keep their own careers ticking over too.


Taylor Henderson was a great choice for runner up and his might just be the best position to be in, as he still has a way forward and a place to go, as does the youngest member of this handsome trio.

Jai Waetford, revealing wisdom far beyond his short fourteen years, may just be the power package who will surprise us all in coming years.

It’s what happens afterward too that counts and who in the industry, will keep stepping up now and help this talented trio, continuing to guide them on towards gaining solid ground, then helping them to sort out how to move forward after weeks and weeks of running on hype and adrenalin.

Young Jai Waetford, dazzled everyone from the moment he stepped on stage with his guitar at the auditions, sitting squarely on his stool and singing out with a clear and wonderful voice, showing that he certainly had the ‘star quality’ that would take him to the top in a profession that is not often kind.

Thankfully he has a great relationship with his Mum, who supports him all the way. But is she prepared for what comes next? She is now moving in a world she doesn’t know at all.

Who will help her to realize that point when she will have to finally step away, and its inevitable with boys. She will have to let him go so that he can stumble, perhaps even fall and watch on painfully as he learns how to pick himself up and always keep moving forward, especially if he really wants to realize the dream he has now stood on the edge of and seen.

However surrounded we are by well wishers, in the end its about understanding that we all need to gain an inner strength that will help us to keep on trying, work out their own personal philosophy  and moral code, one that helps to both nurture and fulfill them along what can be a lonely road, even when you are surrounded by people.

The most important factor is for them to retain that unique ability to always keep on listening, to learn how to know when you should sieze the moment and just go for it, having no fear.

The songs the judges chose for those striving to be finalists to sing in this year’s X Factor Grand Final, were not always spot on for their voice ranges. At times listening to them struggle on low notes was not always pretty, or trying valiently to reach high notes beyond their range excruciatingly painful.

Like the rest of humanity, they had moments where they were out of their comfort zone and sync, completely lost the plot, forgot their words and mesmerized by it all, stumbled.

However it is what they did after that which was the most important and took them on to reach the final trio, going all the way to the top spot by keeping on keeping on, and giving it their best shot.

There’s certainly no other business like show business.

Congratulations, Dami Im and go well Taylor and Jai, there will be an army of followers out there following all your careers with interest.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle 2013.

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