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Tea 1Designer teas have proved popular in the last decade or so, designed to sooth, stimulate, energise, revitalize, nourish and contribute to your health and wellbeing, the newest kid on the block in Melbourne is Ya-Lu Blue Tea Bar, created by former Brisbane bird songbird and all around naturopath and member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association Rhiannon Mapstone. Her teas are all eco friendly, caffeine free and Australian made.

Tea 5Specialising in treating Thyroid Disorders and while cultivating her knowledge and passion for health and wellness, Rhiannon says “My soul journey is to help others on their journey into health. By cultivating wellness through crafting beautiful medicinal herbal teas and connecting people back to the power of the plants. I love what I do and I hope you do too.”

Tea 2100% Premium organic herbal tea blends, free from artificial flavours, colours, chemicals or pesticides, the teas are all hand made and sold online. There is Songbird Tea for Singers, designed to help anyone who uses their voice for work, Healthy Skin Tea – designed to help you shine from the inside out, a balance tea to support healthy weight loss and a sunrise tea to get your day started.

Tea 3Otherwise there is a Summer Tea, to enjoy hot or cold and, one that reminds Rhiannon of her home state Queensland, with zingy Lemon Myrtle, Ginger and Papaya. A good service is that Rhiannon’s Teas can be custom made and tailored to your needs. The Hanky Panky tea for both men and women is sure to be a hit.

Tea 6Once you are all clean on the inside, then it will be time to relax, detoxify, tone and moisturise. Solely for that purpose Rhiannon has designed a luxurious pure botanical bathing experience with her Sacred Flora Bath Soak for all who aspire to be bathing beauties. It contains healing salts and fragrant oils with pink rose petals, sacred lotus flowers, Jasmine and Australian sandalwood oil. So if you sip her Healthy Skin Tea while soaking in a hot tub infused with flowers you will definitely maximise the well being experience provided by the Ya-Lu Blue Tea Bar, Melbourne.




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