Yell for Cadel

Well-done Cadel Evans. You gained respect when you won Le Tour de France and then stepped onto the podium on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées at Paris speaking first in the language of your hosts, French. In so doing you honoured their customs, beliefs and culture. After the race the wine would have flowed freely and the company would have ‘raised a great cheer while the lovely light of the fair faced moon lit up the evening’ as at the ancient Olympics. Every society needs heroes. It’s how it works. What it also needs are role models of good character like you Cadel, for young people to look up to. Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322) said ‘it is our task to become good men’ and that ‘everyone’s right to freedom was sustained by a deep respect for personal honour, and nurtured by a love of action’. Go, and cycle well Cadel.

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